Caustic Soda Level Application

The world's largest producer of Malic Acid and food-grade Fumaric Acid was looking for reliable remote tank level monitoring of their Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) tanks.

Chemical Tank Level Indication

A Pulp and Paper Mill was looking for reliable liquid level indication for their chemical tanks as well as an audible and visual alarm.

Plating Facility Level Application

An industry leading manufacturer of metal plating and metal finishing lines were unsatisfied with their continuous level measurement equipment due to effects of corrosion.

Surface Finishing Plant Pressure Application

An international chrome plating company was looking for a reliable liquid filled pressure gauge that would perform flawlessly around their chemical baths, and for the large number of bag filters [...]

Sulfuric Acid Flow Application

One of Arizona's largest Copper Mines was looking for a reliable flow meter to measure the amount of Sulfuric Acid they were using.

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