P14 Series pH Sensor Transmitter High performance industrial sensor for harsh applications. The ProCon® P14C Nexus® series offers the ultimate combination of durability, functionality and long-term performance; exactly what is required for industry’s most complex applications. The Nexus® reference eliminates reference poisoning. The sensors are available in flat or bulb style design. The double junction coupled with the solid Nexus® KCl infused reference, and KCl reference sensor electrolyte gel makes the P14C pH sensor transmitter an excellent choice for complex process media applications. All measurement functions are combined in one compact body — measuring electrode, temperature sensor, and an inner reference chamber. The (2-wire) 4-20mA, 4-wire and 4-20mA + RS485 output options simplify calibration and communication with remote displays and controllersSubmersible piezoelectric LevelPro® 100 Series submersible liquid level sensor from Icon Process Controls