Chemical Compatibility Guide

The corrosion resistance data presented here derive from manufacturers’ laboratory tests and serve only as a guide, reflecting test conditions. These tests involved immersing non- stressed material strips in chemicals for set durations. While useful for assessing material suitability, they do not guarantee performance. Actual service testing is advised to confirm material appropriateness for specific uses. Selecting elastomeric seals requires considering anticipated service conditions, design and inspection criteria, and material specifications and traceability.

  • E Excellent = Recommended
  • F Fair = Limited Life*
  • G Good = Recommended
  • X Not Recommended
Max Working Temperatures
  • PVC : 140°F | 60°C
  • PP : 195°F | 80°C
  • CPVC : 195°F | 80°C
  • PVDF : 250°F | 120°C

* This Guide is intended to be used as a basis of Suitability – Not a Guarantee