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Campbell’s Soup – Soapy Water Solution

Enabling Campbell’s operations to run at peak performance utilizing Levelpro’s technology. 

Campbell Soup Company turned to Icon Process Controls when they needed a cost effective liquid level transmitter that would perform flawlessly on their liquid detergent solutions.


The Problem

During the filling operation, the turbulence created a soapy foam and the bubbles would wreak havoc with ultrasonic level sensors.

The Solution

Icon recommended the Levelpro 100 submersible level sensor.     Explore All Levelpro Products

Why? Because the Levelpro Series was the right solution for this soup maker’s soapy mess. Its unique features make this clear.

Levelpro 100 submersible sensors simply sit at the bottom of the tank, measuring pressure created by the head pressure of the liquid.

The Sensors are not affected by foam, vapor, turbulence or condensate.

They are loop powered with a 4 – 20mA output signal that can be connected directly to the Levelpro TVL Series level display.

Levelpro Submersible sensors also come equipped with chemical resistant PVC, PP, PVDF or 316SS bodies, as well as standard Teflon coated cable and Kalrez O-rings, which make them an excellent choice for corrosive liquid applications.

The Obvious

When it comes Tough Level Applications, think Levelpro 


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