ORP Sensors

The gold standard of ORP sensing technology

Say goodbye to sensor drift.*

  • The Nexus® series is a KCl infused solid reference polymer material.
  • Poisoning or leaching of the reference electrolyte is eliminated
  • Nexus® also eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance or cleaning requirement due to fouling or film build up removal which occurs with traditional pH sensors.
  • The solid Nexus® reference provides for faster response time to changing pH values since there is no requirement for a junction.

* Due to poisoning or build up

Ready. Set. GO!

  • Sensor with M12 Quick Connect
  • No Tools Required
  • No Internal Wiring Required
  • Save Time & Resources

Smart Sensor Technology

Advanced electronic circuity stores pH data for automatic sensor recognition and trouble-free calibration when connected to the Procon® Controller

2-wire 4-20mA  | 4-20mA + RS485 | 4-wire

Direct sensor to controller –No Preamp required 

ORP Sensors

Applicable Environment
General Purpose Strong Alkali Environment
Measuring Range-1000mV – +1000mV-1000mV – +1000mV
Temperature Range14 – 176°F14 – 176°F
Pressure0 – 150 Psi0 – 150 Psi
Temperature SensorPt1000(Std) | Pt100Pt1000(Std) | Pt100
Shell MaterialPP .Std | PPS Ryton®PP . Std | PPS Ryton®
Reference SystemNEXUS®NEXUS®
Liquid JunctionNEXUS®NEXUS®
Electrolyte SolutionKClKCl
Double Salt Bridge SystemYesYes
Connection ThreadNPT ¾"NPT ¾"
Cable Length5m5m
Cable ConnectionJ-Box | Flying LeadJ-Box | Flying Lead
Output4 – 20mA | 4 – 20mA + RS485 | 4 wire*4 – 20mA | 4 – 20mA + RS485 | 4 wire*
* When connected to the Procon® Controller READ MORE