flow meter

TK Paddle Wheel Flow Meter Sensors

Lifetime Warranty

Pre Programmed

True-Union Design

Size Range: ½” – 4”

TI Paddle Wheel Flow Meter Sensors

Lifetime Warranty

Retrofits Into Signet® Fittings

Size Range: ½” – 24”

flow meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Sensors

Measures Pulsing | Dosing Flows

No Moving Parts

Ultra-Low Flow Rates


Turbine Flow Meter Sensors

Accurate Ultra-Low Flow Measurement

No Programming Required

Perfect For Dosing | Pulsating Flows

Magnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic Flow Meter Sensor

Excellent Chemical & Abrasion Resistance

Full Port

Flow Switches

Pump Protection

Flow | No Flow Notification

All Plastic


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