Submersible Liquid Level Sensors

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The Right Choice for Tank Level Monitoring

Completely unaffected by Foam, Vapor, Turbulence, and Condensate. Leading to an accurate reading in any environment.

Materials that Create Solutions

Available in:

  • PVC
  • PP
  • PVDF
  • PTFE Teflon
  • 316SS

Submersible Level Sensors are chemically compatible with your most corrosive applications.

Industry Leading Technology for Tank Level Monitoring

Next Generation Performance the Exceeds Todays Most Difficult Process Applications. Utilizing Piezo or Capacitive Technology, our Submersible Level Sensors will Consistently Provide you with a Reliable and Industry Leading Accurate Reading. The Best Choice for Tank Level Monitoring

Remote Tank Monitoring

Our Sentinel 247 Series allows you to remotely monitor tank level monitoring from anywhere. Eliminate costly emergency fills or pump-outs and explore all the benefits of Telemetry monitoring today.

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Features100200C300STankProLP 100 Junction Box
Housing MaterialsPVC | PP | PVDF | 316SS | PTFEPVC | PP | PVDF | PTFE | 316 SS316 SSPVC | PP | PVDF | 316 SSGFPP
SealsFFKM - Kalrez® | FKMFFKM - Kalrez® | FKMWelded 316 SS | FKMFFKM - Kalrez® | FKMViton Vaporbloc
DiaphragmCeramic AI20399.9% Ceramic AI203316 SSCeramic AI203
Accuracy+/- 0.5%+/- 0.25% Std. | 0.125% opt.+/- 0.5%+/- 0.5%
Output4-20mA | RS 485 | Voltage4-20mA | RS 485 | Voltage4-20mA | RS 485 | VoltageLoop Powered
DisplayTVL Series RecommendedTVL Series RecommendedTVL Series RecommendedLocal LED Display